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Completed by a staff of 27 employees, The SERPORT GIOIA TAURO SRL covers 360 H 24 for your needs 365 days a year on:

  • Procedures for assistance to any carrier at sea, under the rules laid down in Law 135/77 and Navigation Code;

  • Computerized system of services with direct links with the institutions concerned H24 (Port Authority, Port Authority, Customs, Finance Police, Health Offices, Fire Department, terminal) that allows our organization to contact in real time with the Authority and answers equally solicitous for our CUSTOMERS;

  • Legal staff can assist our customers for all the needs that may arise in the field of Civil Law / International Law / Law of Navigation / Insurance Law / Commercial Law / Banking Law.

The SERPORT GIOIA TAURO SRL also offers a full-service "Vessel Husbandry" and, therefore, to offer any assistance to the commander and crew, provides:

  • Supplies;
  • bunkering;
  • Boarding / Landing crew and travel assistance, including immigration formalities;
  • Service on board and carrying out any work / repair on board (with related paperwork);
  • TAXI service and / or bus is not included;
  • Health care on board and / or in public;
  • Certifications and inspections.

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