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The department of import / export deals with:

  • Customs clearance of import / export
  • Customs operations in line (during the stop of containers awaiting trashipment)
  • Formalities and customs procedures related to the various countries of the world
  • Compliance Intrastat
  • Intra-Community tax compliance
  • Obligations related to I. V.A
  • Compliance products subject to excise duty
  • Management advice on VAT and customs warehouses of traffic regulations high risk (weapons works of arts etc.)
  • Consultation on the Protection of Trademarks
  • Consulting on AEO certification
  • Consulting on the indication of the Washington Convention protected species
  • Demands and health care visits,
  • Consulting on logistics organization and management
  • Support and implementation of traffic dim perfezionemento
  • Active and Passive triangulation to tolling
  • Requests ministerial authorizations
  • International Trade Consulting, contracts, returns, advances
  • International transport
  • Consulting and purchase goods from abroad
  • Cargo insurance
  • Customs Service and Consulting
  • Imports, Exports
  • Pricing
  • Land Transportation, Intermodal Transportation
  • Acquisition of freight in the export
  • Acquisition in import freight
  • Freight Clearance - THC - Stops ETC. behalf lines
  • Issue delivery order on behalf lines we represent
  • Request funds for advance customs
  • Instances loading / unloading equipment on board
  • Support requests and inspections / tramacchi containers
  • Execution formalities for phytosanitary products in the plant kingdom
  • Execution formalities for products intended for human health
  • Execution formalities veterinary animal products
  • Readiness to the customs terminal for loading export containers in
  • Assistance to phyto inspections / health
  • Readiness customs terminal for output via road and / or rail containers in import
  • Import customs formalities with introduction of VAT in the tax warehouse operated by third parties
  • Billing operations department

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