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The SERPORT GIOIA TAURO SRL offers innovative solutions for global transportation and logistics requirements through the exact perception of the needs of the characteristics of acting as the ideal partner and ensuring a high standard of quality for all situations and for most types of merchandise.

  • Illustrate the list of available media anywhere in the world;
  • Respond quickly and accurately to all requests by offering the best options for price and service;
  • Recommend the right solution for any situation or need, to quickly assess the needs and knowing immediately indicate the most suitable choice.

They are the cornerstones of our operating philosophy that distinguish our services to customers, wherever they are to:

  • A global service of transportation (truck, ship and by train);
  • A cutting-edge technical expertise to prepare and control the commercial documentation to prevent disputes and resolve problems for customers even abroad;
  • Comprehensive assistance to the various issues related to customs and tax on trade with foreign countries.

All staff of SERPORT GIOIA TAURO SRL is available to better inform the export or import transactions of goods, and for any clarification relating to all international operations.

During the many years of experience in the historical Calabrian ports and more than ten years, in particular, in the port of Gioia Tauro, the SERPORT GIOIA TAURO SRL has acquired a knowledge and experience in these areas to offer specific guarantees for the rapid processing of and practices necessary to coordinate the operations of Import / Export: conditions, these are essential to small and medium-sized companies that want to export their products worldwide.

The primary link with the local regulatory authorities, in particular the connection with the Customs Authorities, allows SERPORT GIOIA TAURO SRL to provide services relating to all types of international transactions.

The services offered by SERPORT GIOIA TAURO SRL cover the main needs of the company engaged in import / export of goods to and from all international destinations, ensuring the utmost attention to the constant changes in regulations governing the sector.

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